The Wicked Wine Run: A 5K Course Like No Other

Are you tired of the same old boring 5K races? Do you want to add a little spice to your running routine? 
Look no further than the Wicked Wine Run!

This unique wine run 5K course takes place at beautiful wineries and unique venues across the country, offering runners the chance to race through the vines, trails and scenic views while sipping on delicious wine. That’s right, wine and running – two things you never thought you’d see together.But don’t worry, this isn’t your typical wine tasting event.  Our wine run 5K course is perfect for you whether you run, speed walk or skip. Of course, there’s plenty of wine waiting for you at the finish line to help you celebrate your victory.

And if you’re not up for the wine run 5K, there’s also a 1K Wicked Tasting Walk for those who want to take it a little easier. But let’s be real, why not do both? You can never have too much wine or too much exercise, right?But the Wicked Wine Run isn’t just about the race. It’s also a full-on wine festival, with live music, food trucks, vendors, and games. It’s the perfect way to spend a wine-fueled night out with friends.

And if you’re worried about getting lost in the vineyards, don’t be. The course is well-marked and volunteers are on hand to help guide you along the way. Speaking of volunteers, if you want to get involved but don’t feel like running, you can sign up to help with registration, water stops, parking, and more. And for your selfless service, you’ll get Wicked Wine Run swag and complimentary wine after the event. Who wouldn’t want to be thanked by the world’s happiest runners?

So what are you waiting for?
Grab your running shoes and your wine glass and sign up for the Wicked Wine Run 5K today! You won’t regret it.

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