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Nyc Justice of the Supreme Court Candidates

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Candidates are listed alphabetically and have been given the same question to answer. Your answers have been edited for clarity and length. Currently, Fiore serves as a supporting judge for the state`s unified court system, presiding over child support, spousal support, and paternity matters. Previously, she was an associate lawyer and law clerk. “As a full-time and volunteer mother in my community, I have 25 years of legal experience that will bring experience in both the public and private sectors, making me a unique and balanced candidate for this position,” Murray said in a statement. “I`ve been a prosecutor, a litigator who has tried cases before jurors/judges, heard civil and criminal appeals before the Court of Appeals, and authored more than 40 decisions published in the NY Law Reporting Bureau.” They said the scores the city`s bar awarded to candidates in the controversial primaries for the New York civil court and deputy court can be found here. The committee uses two ratings: approved and not approved. According to the association, candidates deemed approved have demonstrated the qualifications required to perform the duties of the position for which they are being considered. After starting out in the public interest, I taught at Syracuse University Law School.

Later, I opened my own law firm dedicated to helping people in need in our courts. Ciampoli is currently an attorney at Messina, Perillo & Hill, LLP and works in the areas of election, labor, municipal and civil rights law. Previously, he served as chief of staff to former State Senator Stephen Saland, State Senate Counsel, and Nassau County District Attorney. Ciampoli is licensed in the federal and New York courts. The district includes Herkimer, Jefferson, Lewis, Oneida, Onondaga, and Oswego counties. The court serves as the highest level of litigation in the state and has an interlocutory appellate division. The term of office of judges is 14 years. Harvard Law School with distinction. Confidential trainee attorney for distinguished judges of federal and state courts. Practising lawyer. Volunteer in the community.

Family. “I have 22 years of courtroom experience in Westchester, Rockland and Putnam counties,” Puerto said in a statement. “I have handled thousands of criminal and civil cases both as a prosecutor and as a court lawyer. I have the experience, vast knowledge and temperament to be a fair and impartial judge and to treat everyone in my courtroom with the same dignity and respect. Learn more about President Gregory W. Meeks` opinion on what it means to have such a diverse list of justice-representing justices in Queens. Queens is proud of the diversity of our county and neighbourhoods. While Republicans have shown their priority to stack the cards in favor of their own agenda, we Democrats seek justice at every level. Last summer, Queens Democrats came together to nominate a list of justices for the 11th District of the New York State Supreme Court. Zuckerman is currently a state Supreme Court justice. Previously, he served as a judge in Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess and Rockland counties, as well as an assistant district attorney. Zuckerman also teaches other judges at the New York State Judicial Institute.

Here`s what candidates had to say about what they thought best qualified them for the job. “I have been a practicing judge for 11 years and have the integrity, experience, compassion and knowledge of the law to serve the court fairly, impartially, effectively and conscientiously,” Eisenpress said in a statement. Fourteen candidates are running in the upcoming general election to fill seven Supreme Court positions in New York`s 9th Judicial District. Eight candidates are vying on Election Day for one of four vacancies on the Supreme Court of the State of New York, Fifth Judicial District. Local, state, and national organizations trust me to teach other lawyers how best to handle their clients` cases. More than that, I am looking for this office to serve the community. I have unparalleled experience in the courtroom. The New York Bar Association has completed the evaluation of a list of candidates for the uncontested legislative elections in November. 8 for the Civil Court and the Supreme Court. The review was conducted by the association`s judicial committee. Mr. Squirrell is the Executive Director and Chief Counsel of the Putnam County Legal Aid Society.

Previously, he served as an Assistant District Attorney in the New York County District Attorney`s Office. Squirrell has 30 years of litigation experience before the state Supreme Court and has served as a litigator in every district of the 9th Judicial District. Previously, he also volunteered as a volunteer adjudicator at the White Plains Municipal Court and as an assistant prosecutor for the Village of Mount Kisco. Every Supreme Court participant who appears before the bench should have the same rights, whether powerful or gentle. The breadth of my experience makes me very sensitive to this basic principle and particularly qualified. It would be an honour if you trusted me. “As a lawyer in private practice for over 25 years, I have argued numerous cases in various federal and New York State courts,” Farca said in a statement. “I would bring a practitioner`s understanding of what it means to respond to a client and meet many deadlines while maintaining the highest ethical standards. According to the New York City Bar Association, founded in 1870 and with more than 23,000 members, its mission is to equip and mobilize a diverse legal profession to practice with excellence, promote law reform, and uphold the rule of law and access to justice in support of a just society and the public interest in the community. of the nation and in the world. Minihan is an administrative judge in the 9th judicial district.

Previously, she served as an Assistant District Attorney in the Westchester County District Attorney`s Office and as an Assistant Village Judge for Croton-on-Hudson and Buchanan. Minihan also served as a judge in Westchester County Court and as a judge in the 9th Judicial District. She also served as a titular justice on the state Supreme Court. Velazquez has been a judge at Yonkers City Court since 2019 and an acting family judge. Previously, she worked as an attorney in the Appeals Division of the State Supreme Court, First Department. Justice in our society is on everyone`s lips today. Whether it`s our country`s highest court, undergoing a monumental transformation, or our local legislators thinking about what it means to adequately protect victims while preserving the dignity of perpetrators, there is no doubt that our justice system is a topic of conversation for so many. I am a licensed civil litigator. This distinction requires additional testing and a rigorous peer review process. I have argued many complex cases before the Supreme Court and have argued my clients` cases all the way to the highest court in the State of New York.