Category: Event Recaps

Welcome to our Event Recaps section, where we celebrate the unforgettable moments and highlights from our Wicked Wine Run events. Here, you’ll find detailed accounts of each race, complete with exciting stories, photos, and participant experiences. From the scenic vineyard trails to the lively after-parties, our recaps capture the essence of what makes each Wicked Wine Run a unique blend of fitness, fun, and fine wine.

Relive the thrill of the 5K Wine Run or the leisurely 1K Tasting Walk as we take you through the day’s events, from the starting line to the final cheers. Whether you missed the race or want to reminisce about your favorite moments, our recaps offer a comprehensive look at each event.

Stay tuned for updates on upcoming races and get inspired by the vibrant community of wine and fitness enthusiasts who join us at every event. Cheers to making memories and celebrating the joy of running through wine country!