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A&Z Law Firm

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A&Z believes that excellent legal knowledge alone is not enough to satisfy clients` needs. A team of outstanding experts from various industries is essential. The firm`s intercultural and multidisciplinary team is the best way to provide high-quality and efficient services to all clients. In the mantra of A&Z is the protection of fundamental rights and the interests of customers. A&Z Law Firm (“A&Z”) is an associate law firm established under the law of the People`s Republic of China and approved by the Shanghai Municipal Justice Bureau in 2004. “A&Z” refers to the English name of the company, which comes from the English expression “From A to Z”, which means from beginning to end, covers or examines the entire spectrum or possible scope, including all the facts surrounding a topic. A&Z stands for completeness, in which the 26 letters of the English alphabet are taken into account. We decided to become a member of GLE because of its reputation in the market. We understand that GLE is an independent publication, with selected readers who are able to distinguish and select the best law firm to provide services to their businesses. GLE is a well-known and very respectable publication with readers from all over the world who might be interested in doing business in Brazil.

Alexandre Tadeu Navarro, Navarro Advogados, Brazil In my opinion, joining GLE offers, among other things, a medium-sized company like ours the opportunity to compete with larger and more expensive companies. The value of a GLE accreditation should not be underestimated and, in my opinion, will strengthen the professional perception/image of our law firm. The strength of accreditation lies in the strength of the member companies. Legal associations are a dozen, but many of them bring little or no value because the membership base is not as strong. Based on our research, it`s pretty clear that joining GLE is indeed an honor and privilege, and therefore, it was a very easy decision to join GLE. Bobby Lanham-Love, Lanham-Love Attorneys, South Africa One of the firm`s core principles is that “A&Z exists to meet the needs of our clients.” A&Z relies on more than its excellent legal knowledge to help our clients achieve their goals and ambitions by leveraging our deep market knowledge and extensive expertise in various industries. We are committed to increasing the firm`s presence and the skills of the firm`s lawyers to a wider audience, particularly abroad. An international lawyer can always search by country and field of activity to find an expert in this field in the desired country. Being exclusive means that if someone is looking for this expertise, it is our company that they will find.

Regan Gourley, Cullens Patent and Trade Mark Attorney`s, Australia We decided to become members based on the existing membership of the companies that are part of it, and because it seemed that it would give us a greater presence as a law firm and help us anchor ourselves in the field of white-collar crime, particularly in Canada. So far, customers and prospects have been impressed and it was a good decision for us. Christine Duhaime, Duhaime Law, Canada GLE is recognized worldwide in the law firm market. Our law firm has been dealing with arbitration proceedings internationally for many years. However, as arbitration is strictly confidential, our success is not obvious and easily tangible to the public, i.e. to our potential future customers. Joining GLE helps us make ourselves more visible to the public and convince existing and new customers that their arbitration is in good hands. The live profile on globallawexperts.com and the link on our website to our profile and GLE allow us to show our clients the quality of our firm and help us in our expansion into transcontinental business. Dr. Peter Taller, NZP Nagy Rechtsanwälte, Germany A&Z Law Firm is an associate law firm that provides a range of legal services to national and international companies. The company`s practices include foreign investment, foreign investment, competition and antitrust law, intellectual property, corporate restructuring, dispute resolution, compliance and corporate social responsibility. A&Z serves the pharmaceutical, retail, advertising, media and commercial real estate industries.

The company was founded in 2004 and is based in Shanghai, China. A&Z is an expert firm of lawyers, legal assistants, Japanese translators, client managers and business specialists. Together, we form a strong and powerful team that is able to pursue your interests in an innovative way. In a context where we work for many foreign companies and foreign individuals, our international presence will be good for our development. We are a very young law firm, so GLE is a great way to increase the number of clients. Radu Chirita, Chiriță & Associates, Romania I became a member of GLE to introduce my law firm to others and show them my activities and background. It is clear that the Internet has become very important in our daily lives, and if you expose your law firm in the right media, it will of course give you a very postulatory reflection. Gabriel Oussi, Oussi Law Firm, Syria The Chinese name of the firm is 里格, Lǐ gé.