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Mr Salvatore Legally Blonde

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Legally Blonde is a 2001 American drama film directed by Robert Luketic. It stars Reese Witherspoon, Luke Wilson, Selma Blair, Matthew Davis, Victor Garber and Jennifer Coolidge. The story follows Elle Woods (Witherspoon), a sister who tries to win back her ex-boyfriend Warner Huntington III (Davis) by earning a Juris Doctor degree from Harvard Law School, overcoming stereotypes against blondes, and triumphing as a successful lawyer. The film originally ended at the courthouse, just after Woods won the case, with Elle on the steps of the courthouse sharing a victory kiss with Emmett, then cutting a year into the future to see her with a now-blonde Vivian form their own blonde legal defense club at law school. After the test audience revealed that they didn`t like the ending, McCullah Lutz and Smith consulted Luketic, Platt and other members of the production team while they were still in the lobby of the theater, and they agreed that a new conclusion was needed. “It was just a weak ending,” said screenwriter McCullah Lutz. “The kiss didn`t feel right to me because it`s not a romantic comedy – it wasn`t about their relationship. So the test viewers said, “We want to see what happens – we want her to succeed.” That`s why we rewrote for graduation. Ubach and Jessica Cauffiel claim that the original ending also included Elle and Vivian drinking margaritas in Hawaii, implying that they were either best friends now or in love, although Smith and McCullah never wrote such an ending.[31] Other suggested endings for the film included a musical number in which She, the judge, the jury and everyone in the courthouse sang and danced. [13] Witherspoon wore 40 different hairstyles in the film. [22] “Oh my God, it became known as `The hair that ate Hollywood,`” Luketic said. It was all about hair. I have this obsession with flyaways.

It annoyed Reese a bit because I always had hairdressers on my face. But most of the time, the research and testing on set went in the right color, because `blonde` is open to interpretation, I thought. Producer Marc Platt was fascinated by the character of Elle Woods when he received a manuscript of an unpublished novel. [8] “What I liked about this story is that it`s hilarious, sexy and challenging at the same time,” says Platt. “The world looks at Her and sees someone who is blond and handsome, but no more. She, on the other hand, does not judge herself or anyone else. She thinks the world is great, she`s great, everyone is great, and nothing can change that. She truly is an irrepressible modern heroine. Amanda Brown published Legally Blonde in 2001, based on her real-life experiences as a blonde who attended Stanford Law School while obsessed with fashion and beauty, read Elle magazine, and frequently clashed with the personalities of her peers.[8] [6] The outline of Legally Blonde grew out of Brown`s experiences as a blonde who went to Stanford Law School while obsessed with fashion and beauty, reading Elle magazine, and frequently clashing with the personalities of her peers.[6] In 2000, Brown met producer Marc Platt, who helped her develop her manuscript into a novel. Platt hired screenwriters McCullah Lutz and Smith to adapt the book into a film. The project caught the attention of director Luketic, an Australian newcomer who came to Hollywood after the success of his first offbeat short film Titsiana Booberini. “I had been reading scripts for two years and couldn`t find anything to put my own personal imprint until Legally Blonde came along,” Luketic said. He works at Harvard University and is the former professor of Elle Woods.

While Callahan is initially considered a lawyer and a respectable mentor, he eventually turns out to be a kinky man who likes to sexually harass women so he can sleep with them. The writers introduced themselves to Luke Wilson when they met Emmett Richmond, Elle`s lover. “They auditioned for a few other guys and we said, `How about auditioning Luke Wilson for the role of Luke Wilson? ” said McCullah Lutz. Middleton wanted to cast Paul Bettany as Emmett, but the team felt that the character should be American, while Bettany is British.[15] The soundtrack album was released on July 10, 2001 by A&M Records.[13] [58] Upon her arrival at Harvard, Elle`s SoCal personality contrasted sharply with her East Coast classmates, who were often suspicious of her. She soon meets Warner, but discovers that he is engaged to his former girlfriend Vivian Kensington, who thinks Elle is an idiot. Later, she tells Warner that she wants to apply for one of her professor`s internships, but he tells her she`s wasting her time because she`s not smart enough. When she realizes that Warner will never take her back or take her seriously, she finds the motivation to prove herself by working hard and demonstrating her understanding of the subject. Emmett: How long have you been sleeping with Mrs.? Windham? “When I got to law school, the hardest days, I watched the movie and laughed,” Shalyn Smith, a California law student and president of the sorority, said in an interview with People magazine. [54] “It embodies the struggle for what is right, to remain true to oneself and to overcome adversity.

It`s crazy that a movie can do that, you know? [54] The following semester, Professor Callahan, the school`s most respected teacher, decided to hire first-year interns to help solve a high-profile case. Among the elected officials are Elle, Warner and Vivian. Callahan defends a prominent fitness trainer named Brooke Windham, one of Elle`s role models. Brooke, who is accused of murdering her husband, does not want to provide him with an alibi, and she later reveals to Elle that she underwent liposuction, a fact that would ruin her reputation, which she does not want to reveal. Vivian gains a new respect for Elle, revealing that Warner could not go to Harvard without her father`s help. Emmett Richmond, Callahan`s junior partner, also recognized his potential. Box office success has led to a number of films: a sequel in 2003, Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde, and a direct DVD spin-off in 2009, Legally Blondes. In addition, Legally Blonde: The Musical premiered in San Francisco on January 23, 2007 and premiered in New York City at the Palace Theatre on Broadway on April 29, 2007, starring Laura Bell Bundy. She begins cross-examining Brooke`s daughter-in-law, Chutney, and catches her lying when she discovers significant inconsistencies in her story: Chutney testified that she was home when her father was murdered, but that she didn`t hear the shot because she was in the shower after washing her hair that morning.

She says washing permanent hair within the first 24 hours would deactivate ammonium thioglycolate, pointing out that the chutney`s curls are still intact.